The jetting skid-mounted units for commercial vans are now a widely spread solution for cleaning and removing sediments and debris in drains; also those ones that were doubtful about the performance of these machines are now changing their mind. The ease of carriage and the small size, low water consumption pumps with high pressure, allow to optimize costs for operations and maintenance.

What is considered by many as a limit, now turns to be an advantage of these machines, when used in the optimal situation (DN ranging from 200 to 300 mm) and with the proper tools. The nozzles WARTHOG, BL-SWIPER, CANIN, BORA, RAVEDIS and SOLO are real bistoury that work precisely to solve the most frequent applications of CLEANNG, SAND, MUD, GREASE, LIMESTONE and ROOTS removal, optimizing the available water. Turn your problems into business opportunity with the right nozzles!


The choice of the nozzle size must be done according to the diameter and to the condidions of the pipeline: for some situations it could be appropriateto use a nozzle with fittings bigger or smaller than the hose to be used (generally 1/2″), through an appropriate adapter.

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